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Monday, October 30, 2006
The flip side...
I got busy with myself and had dismissed the news about death penalty of Afzal and associated protests (for / against), as just another political stunt. As another set of Hindutva / Minority Appeasement gimmicks. Until this chilling article gave me a totally different perception of the Kashmir story. We mortals can never be sure of what is truth but this story throws light on two sad issues. One, the media playing spoil sport on individual lives, by it's hype. The second, the fear / indecisiveness / inability of the moderates (if any) in GOI to do anything against the extremists (people who take extreme positions :D) in the Kashmir Issue, as with the quota issue.
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Toon Tamasha
The creative boy inside though in comatose stage at present, now and then wakes up and asks me why don't u have a cartoon strip on your own, why don't you write a book, why don't you start an ad agency. Since, cartoons are closer to my heart, I have been thinking about this cartoon strip thing for a while...hmm. may be 3 weeks. What if i actually come out with a good cartoon strip which would reflect the hyprocrisies present in our society. What if i manage to sell it to some good newspaper like "The Hindu". O.k dreams apart. There is no way that i am going to make it. Even if i manage to bring dry wit embellished with satire, i would still be missing the fundamental part of cartoon drawing. The "Drawing" itself.
Not everyone gets the chance to fly an aeroplane. isn't it? But, almost everyone would have played with the toy aeroplane, fought with another fighter plane in mid-air and always managed to hit the other one with our brute force. In the same way, i managed to play with my cartoon dream. I took one of the Calvin strip and modified to put down my message. How is it? Not bad huh?!?! What ?!?! Bad...

Note: The K in Kalvin was intentional and the word Kavin means beauty (thats why cavin care) in tamil.
posted by Ramkumar @ 7:21 PM   3 comments
Cool software...

Get Songbird

 Check out Songbird. A really cool Web Two Point Oh (?!!) Application...

 Looks really good. Sadly not free tho'.


Link via Nivi

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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Just wanted to share a memorable moment
I don't remember the year. must be third or fourth year. I was standing in electron devices lab. It was not Sathyabama Madam's lab hour. Someoneelse's. She came storming into the lab, came straight to me, gave a key and said
"Ram, konjam vandiya open panni thara mudiyuma"
"Sure madam"
We went towards the hapless scooty parked infront of the lab. I was happy. Doing a help to a staff means good name in staff's mind. isn't it?? I was asked to unlock and lift the seat. It got struck. When i used my force, the vehicle was coming along with the seat much to the annoyance of Sathyabama Madam. Then she did what i didn't expect in worst of nightmares. She offered me a hairpin and asked me to try it again. For a guy who has a pazham image (which was true in most of the cases) in the department, it was a real surprise. I said I can't do it...without even trying. We both parted ways. Still wondering what prompted her to offer me a hairpin.Till date, when i think about the incident, i laugh aloud confirming my family members' doubt that i am a semi-crack.
posted by Ramkumar @ 6:14 PM   1 comments
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
One minute story from Ananda Vikatan.
I don't know if it is a faithful translation. Please bear with me.

I went to his house for consoling my friend. He just lost his job.
"Dai harish, yennada panra".I was just there to save him from suicide.
"Vidra yennai. vidra"
"Nee yenna paithiyama. yennada suicide panikirae"
"Vera yennada pannanum. naan yepadi yen parents moonjila mulipan."
"Why did you choose hanging from fan? Is this is the only way you got?"
Still in tears he said, "I thought of taking poison, railway track, jumping from a building. So what?"
"If there are so many ways to die, there must be more ways to survive. Think about it."Harish mind was already changing.
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Love and Marriage
"Passengers boarding flight..."
When Sundaram is around, I don't listen to anything. He takes care fo everything. Sundaram.....Sundaram, Project Manager, CISCO, my husband.
"Raji, come lets go, Take out the flight tickets"
(Yes, yes I know), "O.K"
"Raji, this is your seat, seat no. I29. This is mine"
(As if someone will kill us if we interchange), "O.K"
"In few minutes Raji, zoom we are off to Switzerland"
"Thats hmm... great"
"Do you know Raji, Swiss bank which operates...". Huh, he has started again. Look at this lame duck. He is missing the beautiful sky and the exotic aerial view of Arabina Sea. Clouds so real yet not solid enought to touch.Sundaram is very good person, caring, intelligent et al. But, something is missing, something,... something real.. some...some liveliness. In short he is prosaic. Even this word, Sundaram taught me when i complained him about this. He is quite different... quite different from Pradeep.
Pradeep....Pradeep my classmate for four years. quick, witty, intelligent, lover.The clouds...the clouds which caressed us in my ooty industrial visit arranged in my college. College....Government college of technology, the lush green campus, bathroom slipper clad students, stray dogs treating the students as stray humans, was a world of its own...World of our own... World of pradeep and me. We were declared lovers. Even our lecturers knew it.
"Mam, We have downloaded the algo, we will try to implement it next week."
"Rajashree, This is what you told the previous week."
"No time Mam"
"How did you find time for park activities?"
"Mam, i am feeling dizzy. shall i go to the hostel?"
With a smile she said, "There is a good doctor called Pradeep in Bharathiyar Park. Go and take medication."
I was rushing, "Thank you Mam"
"Don't forget to implement the algo. My PhD depends on it."
Nobody was complaining. Why would they when i am the topper and he is also a merit student. Contrary to our department track record, we went for 2 nights/3 days ooty trip. First night went in camp fire. There were 56 of us. The place was so small. Hence, it was difficult to see who was sitting who was missing. Next night, everyone was tired. Only half turned up for camp fire. No one knew who turned up who did not. But, we knew where we were... In a garden near by.
"Raji, what are you thinking?"
"Na..nothing...err about our future". (Such a dangerous mind-reader, Pradeep)
"I know what you are thinking. i am thinking the same." His hands were already touching my thighs. That night, I lost and he won my virginity.
Job - incometax - onsite oppurtunity - investment - marriage. Everything happened so quickly.
Plane was shaking a bit. "Raji, what are you thinking?"
"Na..nothing...err about our honeymoon". (Such a dangerous mind-reader, Sundaram)
"I know what you are thinking. i am thinking the same."
We were into immigration check. I was first in the queue followed by Sundaram.
"Mrs.Rajashree, Can you show your passport? Thank you"
"Mr.Pradeep Sundaram, Can you show your passport? Thank you"

Note: This is not the janaranjaga story i wanted to write.
posted by Ramkumar @ 5:44 AM   4 comments
Sunday, October 08, 2006
Ram - part4
Government Hospital, Chennai - Campus where he wandered and topped his batch. Now, a guest lecturer and visiting psychatrist. Through his influence, he had secured free treatment to Ram.
"Ram, how are you?"
"Fine as ever."
This is precisely what confuses Karuna. How come this stupid can answer this forever. He and Ram studied together in SBOA anna nagar. Ram was son of a whole sale supplier & an influential man and he was the son of Bank manager. Ram was always happy.....No matter what happenned in his life. His mother's death during 12th entrance exam - Love marriage against parent's wish and subsequent dismissal from college - Wife's death due to miscarriage - Terrible accident which made him impotent. Still..
"Fine as ever."
"Eat well da. I am trying hard to get the contact of leading surgeon in US."
"It's o.k da. Take your time."
Karuna cannot hide it anymore. "Dai yepadi da. yivalavu sogathulayum santhoshama iruka."
"Chee poda. So, howz the madumitha's case going?"
"Dai i have solved many psychological mysteries. As the last resort, i have even tried hypnotism. But, nothing is working against you. I am sorry i did it without your permission."
"Hey take it easy karuna. My brain is always yours. You can do whatever experiments you want. Without you, i would n't have got this treatment."
"Then for Lord Rama's sake, tell me how do you manage?"
Ram smiled, thats when Dr.Shyam came."Dr ipa avar thoonga vaendiya time. i hope you understand."
"Sari da let me sleep. I have to fight with Arjuna and get the nobel prize."
"What?!?! did u say anything? O.k take rest da. i will come tomorrow. Atleast tomorrow tell me the truth da. Bye Ram Bye Ram."
posted by Ramkumar @ 4:45 AM   3 comments
Ram - part3
Dr.Karunakaran was one of the top 5 psychiatrist according to ACNielson-SunTv. Not a small achievement at the age of 35. But, he knows for sure he needs atleast 10 years to actually deserve that honour. The high profile cases that he solved especially the role he played in convicting the Mao chief brought him into the limelight. He just finished the conversation with Home minister Chozhan.
"Doctor, neenga thaan yen magala kapaathanum"
"Yennala mudinchatha pannraen"
"Apadi solaantheenga she is my only daughter. I can give you how much ever money you want.". Chozhan never hided his control over english just to prove that his harward economics degree was not a fake but a real one.
"Just give her some of your time. Thats enough."
Eyes showing little signs of getting red, "Doctor, it would be good for both of us."
Karuna knows that is the last signal. "O.K i will do it for you. What specifically i have to do?"
"Erase that bastard's name out of my daughter's memory....even if she dies because of this."
All these are routine things to Karuna. Never really a challenge. His only challenge till now an unfinished one remains... his best childhood friend Ram. Got to see him in GH tomorrow when he reports to duty.
posted by Ramkumar @ 4:42 AM   0 comments
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