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Friday, June 30, 2006
Heaven in your imagination
Curiosity coupled with imagination - This is a deadly combination. As humans we are always curious to know about things that are unknown to us. UFOs, Galaxies, extra terrestial life forms, Marine life... the list never seem to end. If you cannot identify with these examples, what about our own mba dreams. Campuses with dormitory shared between boys and girls alike, Beautiful lush green environment, great minds working together, laptop following us like a shadow.... How beautifully the curiosity transforms into an imagination.
Well let me come to the point. Irrespective of religions, humans have always fancied about heaven a place where good people will be put in to enjoy the fruits of good deeds performed during their short stay inside the body cage. The description of heaven varied from place to place, culture to culture, nation to nation, people to people. So, does the expectation. my question to you guys is how would you like your heaven to be.
No, i am not expecting an answer like i want pamela and ash side by side lying in the bed of roses hearing "aasai nooru vagai" song. I want more like how it should look, the surroundings etc. in short a broader view.
on your mark ready set go...............
posted by Ramkumar @ 5:37 AM   2 comments
Thursday, June 29, 2006
Ripley's believe it or not.
I was tagged by prad to write about weird things about me. Here are a few i can think. Sure, there are many. but only these for now.

1. I am fond of heights. I like the thrill of imagining that i might fall down. Though i won't like falling down. Not a surprise for a 6 feet 1 inch guy.
2. I hate wearing clothes especially undergarments. I feel it is seperating me from nature. If there is a necessity to walk naked in a crowded streets, i wud have no hestitation. Only that i am afraid of dogs. Once i reach home, I never wear shirt even if it means going to next house. The ladies in the newly built appartment complained about my behaviour (actually my entire family's which consists of 7 males and 1 female). My mom cooly passified them saying that you will get used to it just like other people in the locality.
3. i pluck out my eyebrows. Somehow dandruff gets accumulated there and i keep plucking it out. Despite this, it have long curvy eyebrows which even girls wud envy.
4. I start my walking with right leg and end it in left leg. If situation demands i have to keep 2 steps with left leg, i wud compensate unnecessarily with my right leg with extra step. Now, i am far better. When i was young, i used to count my steps.
5. I love bananas and eggs. I wud like to eat these 2 anytime in any format.
6. I give more importance to my legs while taking bath unlike others who concentrate on their face. I clean even my foot and the spaces in between the toes.
7. I hate people wasting water. it has got something to do with my place where i live. i get uncomfortable esp ppl don't close the taps properly. That small droplets falling heavily on the metal basin gives me a freaky feeling that someone is drilling into my ears. eeaawk!!!
posted by Ramkumar @ 4:21 AM   0 comments
Sunday, June 25, 2006
Answer the following
There are 6 questions listed in my blog. Spare time to solve it.
posted by Ramkumar @ 9:15 PM   5 comments
Friday, June 23, 2006
Multipoint touchscreen!!
Looks like an old news but it didn't catch my eyes until couple of days back.
Steve Jobs and his Apple continue to inspire me!!

Apple files for new touch screen, media file patents

Apple Computer filings published on Thursday show the iPod maker to be working on multipoint touch screens.

A filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office made on May 6, 2004 and published for the first time on Thursday describes a "multipoint touchscreen" that relates to "a touch screen capable of sensing multiple points at the same time."

According to the filing, the touch screen is comprised of a pixilated array of transparent capacitance sensing nodes and would appear as a transparent panel that is positioned in front of the display.

"Unlike conventional touch screens, however, the touch screen shown herein is configured to recognize multiple touch events that occur at different locations on the touch sensitive surface of the touch screen at the same time," the filing reads. "That is, the touch screen allows for multiple contact points to be tracked simultaneously, i.e., if four objects are touching the touch screen, then the touch screen tracks all four objects."

"The multiple objects may for example correspond to fingers and palms," the filing continues. "Because the touch screen is capable of tracking multiple objects, a user may perform several touch initiated tasks at the same time. For example, the user may select an onscreen button with one finger, while moving a cursor with another finger. In addition, a user may move a scroll bar with one finger while selecting an item from a menu with another finger. Furthermore, a first object may be dragged with one finger while a second object may be dragged with another finger. Moreover, gesturing may be performed with more than one finger."
posted by kart @ 3:27 AM   10 comments
Thursday, June 22, 2006
Meet Superman's arch enemy
What wud u expect when u have a link with this name in rediff under movies section. A description or an interview about the villain in the upcoming "Superman Returns". Well, a surprise is awaiting u when u follow the link. The page it leads to contains the news about "Arrest warrants against Shilpa Shetty, Reema Sen". I guess it is a pretty old news and they are trying to follow it up.

"Dakshninammorthy, a city based advocate, had filed a case against the actresses, and Murugan, the editor of Tamil Murasu, for publication of the 'obscene' pictures, thus violating laws including Section 109 of the Indian Penal Code (Indecent representation of women), Prevention of Publication of Obscene Pictures Act and Section 3 of the Young Persons (Harmful Publications) Act."

Seems like Superman wanted to see those pictures when he returns to India and the enemy Dakshinammorthy (what an odd spelling seems like a bong had rewritten this) is against it.
posted by Ramkumar @ 9:20 PM   0 comments
Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Just thinking.....
I wanted a break from my appraisal form writing mode. thought i wud write this. The readers count stands for our blog at 912. How come it came that far?
Blogger increases the count for every post. This is 126th post. So, this explains for 100 hits.
Then the remaining 800? I am sure 700 wud have come thru our own hits and rest (am i too ambitious) from others. out of all contributors only 6 are active and hence they are the only ones who see this blog. hence, the 700 is being shared by 6.
So, atleast 100 per head.
Naanum yevalavu neram valikathat mathiriyae nadikirathu.
posted by Ramkumar @ 3:35 AM   0 comments
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Some good books...
Next time you are in a mood to read a good book but can't make up your mind as to which one to read, these lists... Time Magazine and Modern Library's 100 best novels of may be of some help.

I am nowhere close to reading even a decent number of books from the list, but the ones that I have indeed read feature among my personal favorites. So I guess that the other novels would be just as enjoyable.
posted by Prad @ 11:35 PM   7 comments
Style of Writing!!
At most times, the problems in writing a good blog, article or essay are more rhetorical than grammatical. Most of us are aware of the grammatical structures (S+V+C, S+V+IO+DO) and familiar with the commonly used words and their spellings (Who said so?! I was generous in lending another 'm' to the word 'coming' (comming) until Nitya corrected me last year!!); Even otherwise, in case of grammatical mistakes, there are hard and fast rules that draw a thick line between what is correct and what is wrong. If one has good memory, grammatical mistakes should be hardly a problem. In general, a problem becomes complex only when you have multiple choices. That's exactly what one will encounter in deciding their writing style. As a writer one must determine what style would suit to express his thoughts with greater clarity and cogency. In doing so, he should take into account various other parameters as well. For instance, the style that suits a formal writing ( say, writing an essay) may not suit an informal writing (say writing a blog).

At a high level, the steps in determining the 'style of writing' may be broken into steps as

1) creating an appropriate voice for one's purpose,
2) choosing the right words for the subject and audience,
3) constructing elegant sentences whose rhythm reinforces their meaning,
4) presenting an argument in a logical fashion that is both engaging and easy to follow,
5) finding vivid images to make thoughts accessible to the readers.

As discussed earlier, all these steps have to be decided dynamically and cannot be generalized. One has to reconceive all these rules/steps before starting to write. Below are some of the common mistakes that one makes in writing a blog.

Voice - Active/passive:

In case of writing technical documents like specification or design, active voice is considered the most effective style. The guidelines for those documents suggest to use 'Active Voice' because passive voices are generally wordy and hence result in ambiguous statements. But it doesn't mean that we should always follow active voice in our writing.

There are a number of places where passive voice would suit better.

1) Where the subject is not known.
Egs: The car was thrashed.

2) When one wants to hide the subject. This is probably the best use of passive voice. We software engineers tend to use this quite often than not.
Egs: The document was written ambiguously. (by whom?!)

3) When one wants to create a suspense (like an anchor in an award ceremony).
Egs: Centum in CAT 2006 was achieved by...Pradeep Sundaram, the GCT 'peter'.

4) When one wants to write a technical document or research paper.
Egs: The experiment was performed at 0'C. - PAssive
I performed the experiment at 0'C - Active

5) In some cases, passive voice will help to maintain a good flow and preserve coherence.

But in general, the key in writing clearly and concisely is to use strong active verbs. This means that you should only use the passive voice when you have a solid reason for doing so.


This is the most common mistake that most of us do. Let us take a common sentence - "Democracy is the government by the people, of the people and for the people." Each part of the sentence maintains the same grammatical form. Sentences that do not follow this rule like "She had a strong liking to read books and for playing tennis." should be avoided at any cost.


Redundnacy is also another common mistake that most of us make. "Revert back", "close proximity" are some of the phrases that we use in our blogs often. But sometimes in case of informal writing, we do use it willingly to add more style to our writing. I don't find anything wrong with it either, as long as it doesn't look odd.


Many have a tendency to write more than what is required. We not only waste our time in writing those extra words but also waste the time of the reader. By the way, why would the reader want to read more pages than required to gather the information?! If there is an opportunity to convey the same content with less number of words, we should prefer it (doesn't it sound analogous with code optimization). Also, usage of more words means there are more chances to commit grammatical mistakes and more chances to deviate away from the topic (Ain't this sentence wordy?!). But sometimes, we may want the sentence to be wordy to stress our point. For instance, consider the following passage from a speech by Winston Churchill during world war II. It could certainly be made shorter with fewer repetitions, but it would hardly be more inspiring:

"We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."

A certain amount of repetition and redundancy has its uses.

There may be lot more that could determine a good writing style. Plz post them as comments if you can think of.

Ref: Book of English Usage
posted by kart @ 3:00 AM   13 comments
Monday, June 19, 2006
24 X 11 passes, and then.... GOALLLLL!!!!

Here is the stunning WC Goal by Argentina after 24 passes... My money on them this World Cup!
posted by Prad @ 2:21 AM   4 comments
Friday, June 16, 2006
A psychiatrist, A biologist, A Stanford Engineer and A Stanford MBA. Working together. Any guesses what they could do together? That might have sounded like a Novel's last page but in reality they work in a company in Palo Alto, run by a Stanford professor, which does.......anything you want. I just happened to watch a news clip from abcNews on these people. On that they got together and designed a Shopping Cart. They design anything from toothbrush handle to space craft. Should be a really exciting place. The idea of having such a company itself is great and inspiring. I managed to find a part of the news clip on web. A must watch, unfortunately I couldn't get the whole clip. (I saw it in a training.)

PS: Pradeep, This should remind you of YO! ;D
posted by Sunil @ 4:25 AM   3 comments
Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Surprise Surprise - V2.0...
Well folks, how does the blog look???
I've tried one of my fav color combos - orange and grey!!! Guess it is pretty okay - let me know.

I've also searched around and added the blogs of all the blog members. I've skipped a few, coz i think those guys aren't bloggin at all. Some of these blogs have merely one single post - but some i know are gonna post more and to the others, I'm saying "post more" :)

I've organized the "Our Personal Blogs" section in alphabetical order. So, by virtue of having a name beginning with one of the earlier alphabets (and coz few others who might have gone above me aren't blogging), my blog goes on top of the list. I wanted to do the same for the "Contributors" section - but it seems a bit of pain though. Will try to see if anything is possible, or will have to hard code it i guess. Scripting gurus out there, lemme know if there is a way...

I know this is not gonna impress everyone out there. So, shoot ur comments and criticisms. Will work on them for sure. I'm also thinking of some more sections - they'll keep poppin up in the days to come.

  1. The pics on top changed to something subtle. Hehhe - i made these pix myself :) how does it look?!?!
  2. The color combo has been changed to something that (i think) is easy on the eyes. Also considered Karthik's plea to allow him to cheat on his company. This is the normal thing we ever do :)
  3. Dont remember what else i did :(
  4. Expecting Comments V2.0 :)
posted by Iday @ 10:03 AM   28 comments
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
New Endeavour
I have started preparing for GMAT from yesterday. The fact that i was not well and still wanted to give a sample test means that i am really serious.
If time permits, visit this and share your views. Not to mention the support i expect from u guys in motivating me.
posted by Ramkumar @ 9:20 PM   1 comments
Pudupettai - The Review.
The decision:
I was so bored in life (and office of course) that by 6:15PM i was saying to myself "This is just not working". Yesterday morning, i happened to see few clips from the movie in some TV review and i was itching to see the movie since then. I saw my To-Do list. I had to do some minor changes in a doc and send it to my colleague and then i was done. I checked out the site of satyam cinemas and found that the bookings were still open.

I rushed through this doc (time 6:30), collected my stuff and ran out of office (6:35 PM) walked the distance from my office to Satyam (6:45PM) and there was this big Queue. Got the tickets and entered the theatre a good 10mins late i guess. I had missed the first song (Enga Area - the choreo for which i had liked and really wanted to see), but got to see the movie from the point where the story begins. So no complaints. Let's move on...

The audience:
Surprise, Surprise - or was it only for me. The theatre was almost 60% empty!!! There were empty seats all over the place. I walked down the dark lane, found my seat and sat down - not knowing how the next 3 hrs were gonna be and i was really afraid now, seeing the strength of the audience. That's when Danush (or Kokki Kumar) comes back from a movie and sees the body of his mother, who was killed by Kokki's dad. No no - this is not gonna be anywhere close to story telling. That is one thing i don't intend to do.

The cast:
It can simply be said that this is a Danush movie - from scene 1 (or atleast the first scene i saw) till the credentials (which was quite funny), the movie had Danush all over the place. While his show in Kadhal Konden was pretty good, Danush seems to have lost things a bit since then. Perhaps a bit too confused on differentiating between over acting (remember sullan???) and amplified acting (remember that rain dance in KK???). How he fares in Pudupettai, that comes later. Now to the others.

The next important actor is Sneha, as a prositute who later becomes Danush's wife. And then there are all those ppl Danush kills, his friends and his foes, his guide and yeah, his wink-i-come-wink-i-go wife Sonia. The movie has few of the budding and talented (and by now proven) technicians of kollywood on its credit rolls. Direction, Music, Cinematography are definitely worth mentioning.

The movie:
It is, first of all, a story abt a ruffian. So be prepared for a blood bath. The story, is about how Danush enters the gang world, rises up and falls down. The movie has some interesting happenings surrounding this story line. Does the movie try to convey any message or something??? No and Yes. Go see for yourself :)

Now - the things i feel abt the movie. Let's start with the lead characters. I came out of the theatre with this feeling that Danush had not used this opportunity to the level he cud have. Looks like brother Selva has churned out scene after scene where Danush has scope for performing, and Danush hasn't gone to the heights he can. Let's accept it - Danush can act, provided the role fits his physique. Here, the role is tailor made for him. Physically, he fits the underworld slum dwelling ruffian to the dot.

As i mentioned above, i guess he is in a confused state as to how much he can fly. I'd have been satisfied if he'd just flown a bit more. He hasn't done bad at all - but there is jus this diff between master class and an attempt to be one. There are scenes where he is very good, especially the jail monologues, and he's pretty impressive in the way he uses his eyes. But danush, u shud have pushed urself just that bit more. I don't think this performance is gonna change ur present market situation in a big way. Let us just get done with Danush saying "He was good, better than few of his recent films, but definitely not his best".

Next - Sneha. Damsel in distress, deep distress. Looks like Danush's elder sister in the movie, but it does not appear odd to me coz such families, where the qife is a lot bigger than the lean wiry husband, are quite common in these kinda places. She really hasn't much to do, apart from giving that "I'm in distress" look in very scene. There is one scene where she had the opportunity to perform and she does extremely well - two thumbs up. Overall - limited opportunities, well used.

The rest of the cast do their job. There are so many characters, and the movie does go at a good pace, that u fail to keep track of many characters. But it is to be accepted that the remaining members of the cast have done their job without much fuss and, hence, no major screw ups, and this is one of the strengths of the movie. Credit goes to Selva ofcourse, for drawing out such clean performances from his cast.

The movie is raw, but classy. Eventhough violence has been glorified, as is obvious from the tag line "survival of the fittest", it is not unnecessary since the movie deals with ruffians anyway. The use of graphics in fight scenes has worked well and is perhaps not too obvious (except for ppl like me) at all. The cinematography does need special mention - it is just too good and the colors in the movie are really vibrant. Music, by Yuvan, needs no speaking about and is already a BIG hit. Yuvan scores in BGM too.

I loved the movie, but hated the unnecessary cuts made by the theatre (why u satyam???). The storyline and charectorisation is something new (and hence appealing), the movie is technically too good and has performances which wud fall between "decent" and "good" ratings, with some rare "that's better" scenes. I keep cribbing coz i keep seeing a "wow" possibility in every scene :)

To sum it all - definitely worth seeing once. I might even have a second look.
I'm impressed. I'd give 4 on 5.

Good effort fellas!!! Congrats...
posted by Iday @ 9:17 PM   3 comments
Are guys worse than girls when it comes to English - Communication skills?!
Many a times, I have observed that girls have a better command over their communication skills be it oral or written than guys. Guys always stand second when it comes to English vocabulary. It is quite a common to see emails or blogs written by guys with lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes. What could be the reason for such a vast difference in this aspect between the two sects of the homo-sapiens?! Not sure if books like "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" talk about this?! But, one thing is for sure, an average girl has much better communication skills than an average guy.

The subject "English" is given the least importance in our education system. When it comes to engineering or medical admissions, marks in English are not given that much importance comparing other technical subjects. So, most of the guys, even the toppers pay least attention to English because it would never fetch them their seat in their dream college. Then, how could girls have a better control over English given that all these arguments apply to girls as well. I could relate this argument to the rare quality that swan has; Swan is very intelligent that it is able to segregate milk from water, and drink only milk. The same applies to guys. Guys are so good that they are able to recognize what they want when they read something. They concentrate more on the concept than the words and sentences which just acts as a medium to understand the concept. I guess many would accept the fact that guys score better than girls when it comes to problem solving and concept understanding; Guys top the entrance tests, where the understanding of the concept plays a major role and girls top the higher secondary exams, where it requires good english and just vomiting the contents that is in the book. Of course, everything in the world has exceptions.

In this context, I am reminded of a theory - Wavelet Transforms. When one applies wavelet transformation on an image, it separates the image content into two classes - coarse and fine data. The corse data contain the overall outline of the image. The fine data, contains the other details that add more clarity to the image. If your aim is to just recognize the image, in most of the cases it would suffice if we just have the coarse details of the image. Coming to the context, guys have a tendancy to concentrate on the coarse details, which is the most wanted to solve the purpose and pay least attention to the less important details. Girls on the other hand are more interested in the finer details. This probably explains why girls are interested in least important stuffs like makeups, ornaments, jewels, fancy stuffs, et al. Guys will never find those fancy gimmicks interesting. I am not arrogant, if I say that English is always that fancy gimmick as far as an Engineering or a medical student is concerned.

I planned to spend just half an hour on this and this is the last second I hav...
posted by kart @ 4:46 AM   9 comments
Thursday, June 08, 2006
Is there any record for number of postings per day in our blog?
Is there any way to track this?
posted by Ramkumar @ 12:47 AM   0 comments
Ad ra sakkai
In the lines of story writing, why don't we try our hand in laying out an ad?
Let us not start from a product as we already flooded up with present techniques, it might be hard to find out completely different.
So, we can start with an Anti-dowry campaign ad.
At this point I have to mention my favourite ad in this aspect. There is this anti-smoking ad where they show a highway. There wud b a man standing with baggage waiting for a lift. then a girl comes in a convertible in low speed. She doesn't stop and proceeds further. Disappointed this guy takes out a cigratte and fires it. the girl notices this thru her rear and stops. This man gets into the car.
Then the message appears on the screen.
Women feel safe with impotent male.
Nice isn't it?
posted by Ramkumar @ 12:37 AM   0 comments
Puthunarchi songs required.......
I just wanted to record songs which gives puthunarchi. Can you suggest some? It could be of any genre. Beats required. Kindly avoid kuthu songs.
1. Composer's dream mix - Pudhupettai
2. Dhil Dhil - Dhil
3. Arjunaru villu - Ghilli
4. Kabaddi - Ghilli
5. Pothuvaga yen manasu - Morattu kaalai
6. Satham illatha - Amarkalam
posted by Ramkumar @ 12:00 AM   8 comments
Wednesday, June 07, 2006
I am writing a code. It uses a library function in the dll. When compiling my code, I am not getting any error. But, while linking, the linker is not able to find the symbol for the library function. Hence, the warning "undefined symbol _asldfkdf_".
I am not getting the funda how it is resolving when the function definition is in dll.
posted by Ramkumar @ 8:52 PM   17 comments
Emails - NextGen

A different perspective into emailing. Innovation!
posted by Sunil @ 5:49 AM   1 comments
Nice one!!
posted by Ramkumar @ 4:27 AM   0 comments
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
How idayathullah sold his ferrari
Any book about winning strategy would try to take a metaphor or have a story to convey what are the steps to achieve success. End of the book, u will only 2, 3 points to savour. Let me describe the points which i understood from a book with a real time example.
1. Be clear in your goal - Being clear is like being beautiful. Its quite a relative term. U might not know all the details. But u shud know enuf to start with. In our hero's case, he was clear in one thing. He wanted to get high GMAT score so that he cud share a dormitory with a big african chick in the name of globalisation. o.k. he didn't dream that. all he dreamt was an international MBA. A real international MBA unlike our National level technical symposium that happens tn engg colleges.
2. Say it aloud so that your inner mind hears u - This is a difficult part cos there is no feedback mechanism to judge whether ur inner mind has heard ur goal or not. But, the point is clear. If the real YOU doesn't approve ur goal, u r going no where. There are different steps to attain this. Usually books suggest that u shud write ur goal daily 15 times in paper before u go to sleep. Saying it boldly to ur friends that u r pursuing it is another way. This wud mean that we cannot say "yetho padichirukaen pakalam". Our hero said it loud. Louder in the level that even his team and project manager's inner mind heard it. The effect is logical. When u say ur goal to others, u r not afraid of the result. u r more focussed on the goal itself. Ofcourse, it doesn't mean u shud say it to everybody like Nanda in the film Mounam pesiyadhae. "My name is nanda. i am a sales executive. monthly 20 thousand".
3. Have a feedback system - This typically is about diary writing habit. When u write what happened today, u recollect and try to retrospect. How did our hero make this one possible? Easy do it in a new trendy way. Blog it.
4. Have past time - Goal is not every thing in the world although it might be the truth. Have a favourite past time. Our hero did have one. Again a trendy and cool thing to do. He registered himself in a dance school. Juggled both successfully bcos of a simple reason that he njoyed both.
There r many like this. meditate daily for 5 min minimum. Enjoy the company of nature atleast once in a week. Work smart. The key is win in your endeavour. After winning, chase everybody to advice how to win.
posted by Ramkumar @ 11:49 PM   6 comments
Yengae sellum intha pathai.........
Have you guys seen the movie "Tata Birla"? There wud b a scene where parthiban and goudamani wud be in a car with brake failure along with the heroine with heroine not knowing the situation. Goundamani wud yell. "Hai yeanaku santhoshama irukuthu". I too want to yell like that after reading this.

"According to PTI, that stock brokers said drops in global markets coupled with a hike in diesel and petrol prices triggered off Tuesday's declines."

As if i care. Somebody pull back this plsssssssss. I had already incurred 20 % loss in the investment i made in MF. that too in 3 months.
posted by Ramkumar @ 12:30 AM   4 comments
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