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Thursday, July 27, 2006
Marana Thatuvams...
Via Mail Forward..

1. Naaikku naalu kaal irukkalaam. Aana adhala LOCAL call, STD call, ISD call, even MISSED call kooda panna mudiyathu!
2. Thiruvalluvar 1330 kural ezhidhirundhaalum, avarala oru kuralil thaan paesa mudiyum
3. "Enna thaan un thalai suthinaalum, un mudhukai nee paakka mudiyumaa?"
4 . Meen pidikiravana meenavan-nnu sollalam. Naai pidikiravana naaiavan- nnu solla mudiyuma?
5 . Enna thaan oruthan gundaa irundalum , avana thuppakkikulla poda mudiyathu.
6 . Thel kottina valikkum... paambu kottina valikkum .. mudi kottina valikkuma?
7 . School Testla Bit adikalam... College Testla Bit adikalam ... Blood Testla Bit addika mudiyuma?
8 . Pongalukku Governmentla leaveu kudupanga... Ana Idly Dosaikku kudupangala?!
9 . Kolammavil kolam podalam. Kadalai mavil kadalai poda mudiuma?!
10 . Life la onnume illa na bore addikum... Thalaila onnume ellana glare addikum...
11 . Ezhu Paramparaikkku ukkanthu saapida paisa irunthalum... fast food kadaile ninnukittu dhaan saapidanum!
12 .Thooka marundhu sappitta thookam varum... Anaa...Irumal marundhu sapitta irumalvarathu! [ (Enna kodumai saaar idhu)
13 . Vaazha maram thaar podum! Aana adha vachhi road poda mudiyuma?
14 . Paalkova paalil irundhu pannalaam, aana rasagullava rasathil irundhu panna mudiyuma?
15 . Pal vali vantha palla pudungalam....Ana... Kaal vali vantha kaala pudunga mudiyuma ?! Illa Thalai Vali Vandha, Thaliathan Pudunga Mudiyuma?

Last…but not least
16 . Sunday annikku sundai poda mudiyum, aana Monday annikku mandaya poda mudiyadhu!!!
posted by Prad @ 2:14 AM   0 comments
Monday, July 24, 2006
Saravanan the Quizzer
Saravanan seems to be smitten by the LOTR trilogy. I know he likes the game, but i guess he saw the movie recently and has lost himself to the movie :P

Anyway - he thinks that the topic ixs worth quizzing and hence this post.
  1. The Ring had some Elvish inscription in it. What does it mean (English translation)?
  2. Name the father of Gimli.
  3. What is the name of the dark tunnel and the name of the ghost where Gandalf is taken to the deep mountains?
  4. While passing through the dark tunnel, the fellowship come across a dwarf city and a tomb is there in the city. Whose tomb is that?
  5. What is the name of the beloved star of the Elves? Hint: the light which helps Frodo when he caught up in the spider tunnel in final part.
Some easy questions…
  1. Name the grand father of Frodo. He celebrates his birthday party at the beginning of the film. What is his age?
  2. How many rings are made initially and to whom the rings are distributed.
  3. What is the name of the Elves country and who is its king?
  4. Who are Orcs?
  5. What is the Elvish name for Friend?
Post your answers in the comments section.
posted by Iday @ 9:29 PM   3 comments
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Dipika Pallikal
Though, i am a feminist and i was happy when a women from india broke into top 40 in tennis, I was not that positive about the media giving more hype and attention to Sania Mirza. Clearly looks has also played its part.
I am not a great prophet in predicting. I failed in predicting who would win 99 world cup, 06 worldcup. But, that doesnot stop me from predicting Dipika Pallikal as the next Sania mirza. Why dipika? Because she looks good both in her performance as well in the mirror. She is a good 7 years younger than me. So, that stops me from ogling about her. I would rather sit quietly following just her path to stardom.
Joshna Chinappa came closer to stardom. She was consistently winning in national stage and did win British Squash championship. That was not enough for a player to get fame. She still had her teeth looking menancingly in front. Saina Nehwal also came closer in the field of badminton. Every newspaper cried that a champion has arrived. Looks were good but tomboyish. Not enough for the indians.
Thats why i place my bet on Dipika.
posted by Ramkumar @ 1:31 AM   2 comments
Monday, July 17, 2006
If possible, please observe two minutes of silence @ 06:24 p.m. today in remembrance of the Mumbai Blast victims. It was exactly at this time a week ago that the first bomb exploded.

posted by Prad @ 9:01 PM   2 comments
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Hunter and the monkey
A hunter with a blowgun goes out in the woods to hunt for monkeys and sees one hanging in a tree, at the same level as the hunter's head. The monkey, we suppose, releases its grip the instant the hunter fires his blowgun. Where should the hunter aim and when should he fire in order to hit the monkey?
posted by Ramkumar @ 3:14 AM   8 comments
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
F&F - Federer and F#$%
I was so disappointed with Federer-Ancic match, there was no words to describe it. I was certainly angry.
What the fuck is Federer doing from the base line. Man this is wimbeldon not french open.
Even in 2001, they increased the height of the net and made the ball slightly oval so that it doesn't travel faster.
They are making grass courts suitable for base liners. How the hell do you otherwise expect people like Hewitt winning wimbeldon?
If they want to slower the track better remove grass, put clay there and paint it green.
This is a very good article which clearly says what is happening to the great art of serve&volley.
I guess cricket is also changed in a similar way after 1996. Chasing 300 is quite easy now a days. 400 is not rare.
posted by Ramkumar @ 11:06 PM   4 comments
Elamai inimael pogadhu, ada mudhumai ennaku vaaraadhu
The BOSS Back with a Bang in Bilbao...

posted by Prad @ 11:02 PM   1 comments
Tuesday, July 04, 2006
It's over 1000 hits!!!!

And I hit the 1000th ;D.. Time to pat ourselves!!!

Bonus: A very good flash animation. Next best after the unforgettable 'fight' animation.
posted by Sunil @ 5:37 AM   5 comments
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